Updated Wednesday August 1, 2018 by Kim Fleeman.

Auburndale T-Ball Rules 2018

1. Eleven (11) defensive players are allowed in the field with a maximum of six (6) in the infield. The catcher must be touching the backstop fence (safety) until the batter hits the ball. Catchers must wear a protective helmet. The pitcher must begin each play with a foot touching the rubber. Outfielders must start in the grass. Plate meeting is 5 minutes before game time and all players should be in the dugout preparing to bat or taking the field at this time. Games will not be delayed to wait for a player to arrive. Simply add the player to the bottom of your line up when they arrive. Make sure the opposing team is aware of this during the plate meeting when you exchange line ups.

2. There is a maximum five runs OR three outs per half inning (whichever comes first). Even is a 6th run crosses the plate at the end of an inning, only 5 are scored. Five runs or three outs (whichever comes first) ends the half inning. Score will be kept. Umpires do not need to sign the t-ball scorebooks.

3. There will be a 25’ foul line (Semi-circle) in front of home plate. The ball must cross or touch this line to be a fair ball; otherwise, it is considered both a foul ball and one of the batters four swing attempts. Strikes are called for a swing and miss, a swing that hits the tee, and foul balls. We discourage check swings as they will be counted as strikes during All Stars in the summer.

4. Once a baseball is put into fair play, the offense may continue to run the bases until the defense CONTROLS the lead base runner. This is done by a defender holding the baseball in the base path in front of the lead runner. Time should be called loudly with hands in the air by the player holding the ball in the INFIELD and in the base path. Time out will only be granted by the umpire when the offense has been stopped/controlled.

5. Hustle the players on/off the field. No new inning begins after ONE HOUR. If it mathematically impossible for a team to win (based on a max of 5 runs per inning), then the game will be over when time expires. Otherwise, the inning will continue until a winner is determined. In the event of a tie, the team that made the most defensive outs during the entire game is given ONE RUN in the scorebook and declared the winner. The winning team must enter the score into the system online within 24 hours. 

6. Two defensive coaches may be in the OUTFIELD grass while on defense and must stay in the outfield grass during the entire play. This is for teaching purposes. If a coach on defense touches a player or the ball during a play then all runners are given an extra base. If the coach touches a live ball intentionally (as determined by the umpire), all runners score and that coach must return to the dugout and will not be allowed on the field on defense for the remainder of the game.

7. One offensive coach may be at home plate to assist the players with their positioning as well as the placement of the ball on the tee. Additionally, on offense, first and third base coaches are allowed provided there is a coach in the dugout. If a runner is touched by a coach during a live play (pushed toward the next base or physically stopped from running) then that runner will be called out.

8. If the batter swings at the ball FOUR times and does not put the ball in play then that batter is out. The batter must be making an attempt to swing at the ball and not just a check-swing (Umpire will determine).

9. Coaches can move players around in different positions as desired. There are no restrictions on playing players in certain positions as long as you have no more than six players in the infield. No player is allowed to sit on the bench for more than ONE inning during a game unless they are ill or injured.

10. No runner may leave the base before the batter hits the ball. If the runner leaves early and the ball is NOT hit by the batter, the umpire will call a dead ball. All runners will return to their previously occupied bases. If the batter hits the ball, the play shall continue until completed. Following the completion of the play, all safe runner advancements shall be reversed to the base closest to the base obtained by the batter-runner. Unless the batter is out, the batter will never be displaced from his earned base. If the batter is out at first, the runner will be brought all the way back to first base (or the base he left early).

11. Defensive Outs: Only one defensive out per inning may be made by running down/chasing and tagging a baserunner. The other two defensive outs require a throw to another defensive player or must be an unassisted force play. Plays at the plate should be made by the catcher if your team is utilizing the catcher option (the pitcher should not be running to tag home plate or the runner going home, rather they should be throwing the ball to the catcher to make the play.)

12. Should a baseball be thrown out of play by the defense, (over the fence, under the backstop, or in the dugout) the ball will be dead, and the base runners will be awarded one additional base.

13. Helmets must be worn while on offense any time a player is out of the dugout. Players need to be away from the open dugout door for safety. Bats must remain in the rack while in the dugout. No players are to pick up or swing any bat while inside the dugout. Managers are responsible to make sure that only approved bats are being used. See the bat rules on the Babe Ruth/ Cal Ripkin website. Illegal bats must be removed from the dugout and are not to be brought back to the fields for games or practices. UMPIRES will be doing a bat inspection before each game. Please have all bats lined up outside of the dugout for quick inspection.

14. A hard baseball will be used (not a rubber ball).

15. Any ballplayer on the field that throws a bat or helmet in a display of anger or frustration will be removed from the game. They will be required to sit with their parents in the stands for the remainder of the game. They next time their name is called to bat in the line up an out will be taken by their team in their absence. Coaches should remind their players of the importance good sportsmanship before each game. If a batter accidentally throws a bat during or after his swing, the umpire shall issue a warning to the batter. If the batter repeats the accidental throwing of a bat during their next at bat then they will be called out by the umpire.

16. Any call made by an umpire shall NOT be challenged. The only acceptable acknowledged challenge will be a rule interpretation. The umpire will make every effort to get the correct ruling so play can proceed. In the event of a rule interpretation challenge, the manager, alone, will call time and speak respectfully to the umpire. Managers are responsible for their parents and comments from them. Remind your parents this is tee-ball. Competitive spirit is encouraged, but great sportsmanship is required by coaches, players, and spectators. Please observe any and all other Cal Ripkin Baseball Rules (Keep the same batting order during the game, no leading off the base, no stealing, etc.). Remember to set a good example for the children you are coaching! YOU represent Auburndale Youth Baseball with your words and actions.

17.  Any parent or spectator who is disrupting the game or causing problems may be asked to leave by a board member or the umpire.  Watching games at our field is a priviledge.  Please respect the game, the players, the coaches, the umpires, and those sitting around you.  Everyone should be able to enjoy the game without hearing negativity.  Negative comments and unsportsmanlike fan behavior will not be tolerated.  No warnings may be given.  You wll be asked to leave and/or escorted out by our friends at the Auburnale Police Department.  Rememeber, we are all here for the kids to have fun and play baseball!